Equity & Volatility Derivatives Through A Buysider Lens

We've engaged with the most active equity and volatility derivative portfolio managers and asset owners globally to create a comprehensive map of today’s market. 

Our report, Market Mapping - Equity & Volatility Derivatives 2017, will cover:

  • What products are actively traded and why
  • Changes users need that will trigger trading in nascent or new products
  • Product gaps and opportunities
  • OTC vs Listed, differences and the effects of regulation
  • Who are viewed as the best sellside desks in individual products

How The Market Mapped By Key Buysiders & Investors Can Be Used

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Buysiders are disclosing what products they would like to see developed, why they don’t trade certain products, why they trade listed vs OTC and why they don’t trade with certain counterparties.

CUSTOMER ACQUISITION & RETENTION: Buysiders are ranking and rating individual counterparties across the most important derivatives.

Participant Profile From Previous Market Mapping Reports


EQDerivatives will deliver the results of the project at the end of Q2.

The Market Mapping Team

Patrick FayFor further details on the report and bespoke analysis options, contact: Senior research advisor Patrick Fay at fay@eqderivatives.com or president Peter Thompson at thompson@eqderivatives.com

The 2015 Project