About us

The EQD Purpose

We create revenue opportunities for investors, asset managers and their service providers through unique, exclusive, high quality discussions, data and news.

We marry unparalleled access to key investors with our market-leading expertise in content creation to drive client returns.

EQD events and the EQD+ news and data service are geared to connect, benchmark and educate individuals on investment strategy.

As team, we focus on three fundamental questions when creating and delivering service:

  • What client need is being served?
  • How do clients generate returns from each engagement with EQD?
  • How do professionals get better at their roles from our product?

The Founders

We want to hear from you.

Reach out to co-founders Peter Thompson in Chicago or Rob McGlinchey in London.

EQD+ Subscription


Every day, our online subscription service details the key strategies, trades, allocations and personnel moves at the major buyers and sellers of volatility instruments and alternative risk premia systematic solutions.


MandateConnect is a searchable database of pending, current and historical mandates and RFPs in the core EQDerivatives markets of volatility, quantitative strategies, overlays and related multi-asset innovation.

Drawing on public and private sources, the service identifies specific opportunities and strategy developments within the context of historical flow data.

Journal of Systematic Investing

Attracts and disseminates the latest academic and practitioner research in the space of systematic investing.

Our Other Platforms

Global Conferences

Every year, Global EQD, Europe EQD, Asia EQD, Australia EQD and LatAm ARP draw together leading thinkers and practitioners on our state-of-the-art virtual platform for substantive research presentations, strategy case studies and panel sessions on the latest market views. Centered around specific regions, the events also draw global investors looking to interact with the best of the best.