Partner Event

Finfo Global's 6th Wealth Management Summit

April 21 2022

Shanghai, China | Asia

EQDerivatives is proud to partner with Finfo Global on this event. For more information, click the “Register Here” button to visit the official conference website.

The Wealth Management Summit gathers together high-net-worth individuals and decision-makers from organizations such as private banks, family offices, family trusts, securities brokers, independent wealth management companies, asset management institutions, fintech companies and wealth management service providers.

In 2022, the wealth management market will break the rigid payment, realize the true net value of products, and completely return to the origin of the asset management business, which also means the advent of the era of large asset management. Since the promulgation of the new regulations on asset management, the industry supervision system has been continuously improved, and the reform goals such as unified supervision rules and net worth transformation have made great progress, and gradually moved towards a sound development track. What challenges will bank wealth management and trusts face? How to achieve Vision 2035.

With regards to this, the “6th Wealth Management Summit” hosted by FinFo Global will be held in Shanghai on April 21. There will be over 300 delegates from a variety of sectors including government, associations, private banks, family offices, family institutional leaders, independent wealth management companies, asset management institutions and wealth management service providers. They will actively exchange views on new changes in China’s wealth management market and new developments in wealth management institutions.

Conference Overview:

Main Conference:

AM: Opportunities and Challenges of Private Banking

PM: Cross-institutional Collaboration to Explore Wealth Management Diversification

Close-Door Seminar (PM):

A: Bank Asset Management Sub-Diversified Asset Allocation(Main Delegates:10 Key Person from Bank Asset Management)

B: Listed Company Asset Allocation(Main Delegates:15 Key Person from Listed Company (CEO, CFO, Head of Investment Department)

C: Family Office Assets Allocation (Main Delegates: 15 Key Person from Family Office and Family Trust)

Key Topics:

  • Navigating the New Normal, Global Market Cycles and Trends
  • Securities are Entering the Market, Accelerate the Layout of the New Wealth Management Track
  • Forces Affecting China’s Economy – Wealth, Health, Climate and Social Responsibility
  • The New Dual-Cycle Development Pattern of China’s Private Banking Industry
  • Embedding Alternative Assets into Portfolios will be a Differentiating Competitive Advantage for Wealth Managers
  • How to Get the Most Alpha in the Portfolio Defense War
  • Multi-dimensional External Cooperation to Jointly build a Wealth Management Ecosystem to Meet Customers’ Multi-Level Needs
  • Explore Emerging Investment Landscapes, Wealth Management in the Digital Age
  • Compliance Practice and Exploration of the Pilot Business of Fund Investment Advisory
  • Wealth Management in the New Era, How to Build an Investment Advisory Ecosystem
  • How to Improve Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management Capabilities
  • The Emergence of Pension Wealth Management Products Opens a New Market Door
  • Competitive and Cooperative Model between Bank Asset Management and Mutual Fund
  • Prospects for Cross-Border Cooperation Models in the Asset Management Industry
  • Fintech Empowers Bank Asset Management, Facilitates Differentiated Development
  • The Development of Mutual Funds in the Choice of Cash Management of Listed Companies
  • Breaking the Rules, Private Funds have become the New favorite of Listed Companies
  • How to Choose Fixed Income Products
  • Stock Selection and Value Investment of Large Asset Management Institutions
  • Under the Changing Global Economy, the New Trend of Family Wealth Management
  • Philanthropy Helps Family Inheritance
  • Correctly Grasp Cross-Border Structure Tools to Realize Family Wealth Inheritance
  • Under the Goal of “Common Prosperity”, how does Family Office Allocate Assets