JSI Code of Conduct

Version: January 2020

Editor & Executive Editors Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of the Editor and Executive Editors are to ultimately determine which submissions should be accepted and published in the Journal of Systematic Investing (JSI). Those determinations are solely based on the merit of the manuscript that is submitted for review to the JSI.

The Editor and Executive Editors are responsible for leading the JSI Editorial Board. This involves providing guidance on systematic investing initiatives, assigning manuscripts for review and ensuring that the journal meets its objectives – to attract and disseminate the latest academic and practitioner research in the space of systematic investing.

Editorial Independence

The Editor and Executive Editors have complete editorial independence. The publisher will discuss marketing and processes with the Editor and Executive Editors. The publisher is prohibited from pressuring for the acceptance of manuscripts.

Disclosures & Confidentiality

The Editor and Executive Editors are not permitted to use information from a submitted manuscript, that is yet to be published, for their own research without the written authorization of the author of the manuscript. Where conflicts of interest exist in the submission of manuscripts, the Editor or Executive Editor is required to recuse themselves from the process of review. They will instruct the Editor/another executive editor to lead the review process. Conflicts of interest include that of a competitive, relationship or collaborative nature. A conflict of interest exists, where an editor or an executive editor’s interests could be seen to influence the process to which a manuscript is accepted for submission to JSI and subsequently published in JSI.

The Editorial Board

The Editor and Executive Editors lead the JSI Editorial Board. The Editor and Executive Editors assign submitted manuscripts for review to members of the Editorial Board (or individuals outside the Editorial Board when they see they fit). When assigning a manuscript for review, the Editor and Executive Editors will request that the reviewer declares any potential conflict of interest. If a conflict of interest arises, the Editor and Executive Editor will select an alternative reviewer where no such conflict exists.

Research Misconduct

Should manuscripts submitted to the JSI be found to include false or fabricated content or data, or other research misconduct, then the Editor and Executive Editors will impose a life-time ban on submissions from the author(s) in question. In the case where the manuscript has been already published, it will be retracted.

Any concerns or questions related to the JSI Code of Conduct for Editor & Executive Editors should be sent to Robert McGlinchey, publisher of JSI: mcglinchey@eqderivatives.com.