Unique research and data provides deep analysis of cross-asset derivatives markets, quantitative investing solutions, alternatives products, digital assets and the ESG landscape.

Clients including investment banks, asset managers and exchanges look to EQDerivatives’ research and data to inform product development, provide trends, signal institutional investor allocation initiatives and identify opportunities across asset classes and markets.

Our Products

Through unique content articles, white papers and bespoke research reports, EQDerivatives’ research and data identifies what is driving markets, where opportunities are present and what signals the next generation of investment solutions.

EQDerivatives delivers research and data to clients, including:

  • Investment Banks
  • Hedge Funds
  • Asset Managers
  • Exchanges
  • Index Providers
  • Analytic Vendors
  • FinTech Companies

EQDerivatives sources data and insights from its global network of derivatives users and quantitative allocators such as sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, insurers, private banks, family offices and asset managers.

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Latest Reports

Systematic Investing Bites Back!

The search for an alternative to traditional diversification techniques has led to a renewed interest in systematic investing. In response to this emerging trend, EQDerivatives conducted outreach with more than 130 firms gaining insights into how institutional investors are considering adding or increasing systematic approaches to their current allocations.

ESG Derivatives – Through The Lens Of The Buyside

In response to demand from institutional investors and portfolio managers, EQD has released a unique research solution that shapes the path to liquidity in ESG derivatives and ESG solutions across asset classes and markets.

Equity, Volatility And X-Asset Derivatives – Monetizing Global Dislocations

EQD’s annual derivatives analysis provides deep insight into the global volatility, equity and x-asset derivatives markets across the globe. We map how buysiders use OTC and listed products as well as what strategies they implement. We identify and enumerate the size of activity in the top products and strategies as well as the appetite for growth.

Alternative Risk Premia – Navigating Turbulence, Correcting Course

Market growth and sizing assessments, cross-asset premia analysis and allocation trends are all uncovered in EQD’s latest annual research focused on alternative risk premia and systematic trading strategies. With data gathered from institutional investors and portfolio managers across the globe, the Alternative Risk Premia.