EQDerivatives’ consulting and liquidity solutions practice combines our expertise in derivatives and quantitative investing products with exclusive access to market professionals to drive new and emerging investment solutions.

Our consulting projects have encompassed products across asset classes with a range of clients across the globe. Recent consulting projects include:

  • Driving liquidity into a new volatility derivatives product
  • Educating portfolio managers on a new ESG solution
  • Partnering with a client’s business development division for a new light exotic tool
  • Running a private search for a hedge fund’s solution division
  • Filling a senior risk management position for a top 10 pension fund by AUM
  • Hosting private, capital introduction seminars with a U.S. absolute return fund
  • Delivering a roadmap for alternative data solutions for institutional investors
  • Establishing product committees for derivatives product development

EQDerivatives offers consulting services to a diverse range of clients across the globe, including and not limited to:

Market Sizing, Benchmarking

Deep insight into the size of markets by region, product and strategy. Identification of which benchmarks work, which don’t and where alternatives are needed. Ability to evaluate and identify opportunities.

Commercial Policy and Best Practices

Broad experience in product licensing and best practices, index services commercial policies and procedures, and exchange programs such as incentive schemes and fee approaches.

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