EQDerivatives Research content is published weekly and is distributed to investment banks, hedge funds, asset managers, pension funds, private banks, insurers, family offices, sovereign wealth funds and wealth managers across the globe. Through snapshot articles, in-depth analysis and video content, EQDerivatives Research informs investment professionals on what is driving markets, where dislocations are occurring in global products and what strategies are finding favor.

EQDerivatives Research informs market professionals through a variety of solutions, notably:

White Papers

For new strategies, new solutions and emerging themes, EQDpartners with a range of clients in producing thought-provoking and in-depth white papers across volatility, derivatives and quantitative products.

Weekly Research Snapshots

Whether it’s related to earnings season, a new derivatives product, emerging market dislocations or changes in supply/demand dynamics, EQDerivatives Weekly Research snapshots inform professionals investors on key market developments and dynamics.


Twice weekly, EQDerivatives Global Insight looks at topical issues impacting global alternative asset, derivative, and volatility markets. Stay informed by subscribing to EQDerivatives’ YouTube channel:

Bespoke Content

EQDerivatives Research produces bespoke content for a range of clients across products and markets. Recently, we produced bespoke content surrounding earnings season, opportunistic hedging strategies and systematically combining long and short strangles, among other topics.

To partner with EQDerivatives Research on white papers or exclusive content, contact John Diaz: