Christopher Cole

founder and chief investment officer, Artemis Capital Management

Christopher Cole is the founder and chief investment officer of Artemis Capital Management. Christopher’s core focus is systematic, quantitative and behavioral-based trading of volatility and derivatives. His decision to form a fund came after achieving significant proprietary returns during the 2008 financial crash trading volatility futures and options (verified by an independent auditor). Cole’s volatility research is highly influential in derivative and macro trading circles and widely quoted by the financial press. His 2012 research paper entitled, “Volatility at World’s End” argued the equity options market was mispricing and hedging the wrong tail (left as opposed to right). The paper was credited with re-pricing long-dated volatility and named one of the best macro-economic thought pieces of the last decade. Christopher previously worked in capital markets at Merrill Lynch and structured over USD10 billion in derivatives and debt transactions. He is a CFA charterholder.