Hashim Kudsi

managing partner, Liwa Capital Advisors

Hashim Kudsi is the managing partner of Liwa Capital Advisors, which he co-founded in
2017 with Khalifa Al Kindi. Previously, he worked with Mr. Al Kindi in establishing
the Abu Dhabi Investment Council (ADIC) in 2007, where he served as an executive
director responsible for active investment strategies and as a member of the ADIC
investment committee. He began his professional career at the Abu Dhabi Investment
Authority (ADIA) in 1989.
Hashim has an extensive background in the asset management industry. In a career
managing portfolios and evaluating asset managers for both ADIA and ADIC, he has
identified many best-in-class asset management firms and has worked with each one
directly over the years. His understanding of global financial markets, asset classes and
economic cycles has given him the expertise to identify an allocation framework that has
preserved and grown wealth over decades.

He has experience in the banking sector through his involvement as a non-
executive director at the National Bank of Abu Dhabi and his time serving as a member of its risk management committee. Hashim holds a bachelor of science in business
administration from American University in Washington DC and is a Chartered Financial